Our Experts meet your needs

Our « Know-How » at the service of our customers goes through :

  •   The implementation of project management
  •   Industrialization of processes and procedures
  •   Control of the production tool by the OnTime measurement of our TRS
  •   Controlling our deadlines by planning and scheduling our production master plan

Trust us for your projects. We provide you with a team of experts.

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Our process

Trust us to support you with your projects

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    Listening to your needs

    Our Technical-Commercial team takes into account your needs and studies any of them in order to offer you the most adapted quotes. Working under CAD / CAM allows us to establish for you a precise offer. If necessary, we integrate this quote into our scheduling tool to guarantee a deadline.

  • #02

    Method & industrialization

    Once your quote has been validated, we start production in line with the scheduled scheduling. Our teams are made up of experts who industrialize your productions (FAI, DVI, 1st article, etc.).

  • #03

    Production / Supply Chain

    We start the machining of your parts according to the defined and validated range. Our TRS and production performance monitoring tool allows us to have OnTime monitoring of the progress of manufacturing.

    Throughout the process, our logistics department ensures compliance with incoming and outgoing flows related to your production (raw material, work in progress, finished product, consignment stock, product to be shipped). It ensures the final delivery, on time, of productions to our customers.

  • #04

    ISP quality

    Once the parts are finished, they pass into the hands of the quality team, whose mission is to ensure compliance with the quality of products intended for the aeronautical sector.

    Their mission:

    – check compliance throughout the process
    – check and validate the First Article Inspection (FAI)
    – generate and monitor action plans for our client
    – produce quality monitoring files

    For operations that would not be produced « in-house », we ensure the control of our subcontracting via our quality system with the same level of requirements as our internal production.

Our solutions

  • Assembly, assembly, nitrogen shrinking

  • CAD / CAM programming

  • Three-dimensional Quality Control

  • Digital multi-axis turning

  • Multi-axis milling

  • Flat grinding

  • Inter / Exter cylindrical grinding

  • Deep drilling

  • Electro-Erosion by wire sinking

  • Assembly, Mounts, Tests