Safran cluster: Triple A for Boust

25 February 2020

Boust is part of the Normandie « Industrial Performances » SAFRAN Group and has a triple A rating.

It is through the “Industrial Performances” program, launched by Normandie AeroEspace in collaboration with GIFAS, that Boust has demonstrated its efficiency and reliability. It obtains a triple rating which demonstrates its expertise and excellence.

A program of excellence:

Launched by Normandie AeroEspace, this program is intended to improve the overall performance of Norman companies. It gathers in “clusters” about fifteen companies around a common goal: to develop the know-how and the excellence of regional companies recognized on a national, even international scale. It is aimed at companies with a link with aeronautics and aims to support SMEs in the sector towards the level of Industrial Excellence required in order to secure them and improve their overall performance.

Positive results in September 2019:

This is a positive outcome for Boust, which respects delivery rates on time and improves the quality of deliverables through: internal action plans, better load / capacity distribution, optimal supplier management, optimization of equipment capacities, etc.

These convincing results enabled the company to obtain the maximum listing – i.e. AAA – at SAFRAN in early September 2019. This recognition will allow the company to be able to aspire to position itself in new markets.